Robinson Crusoe

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"Was there ever yet any thing written by mere man that was wished longer by its readers, excepting Don Quixote, Robinson Crusoe, and The Pilgrim's Progress?" - Samuel Johnson

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Young Robinson Crusoe takes to the sea despite his parents’ wishes, but his enterprising life is stalled completely when he is shipwrecked. Ingenuity and the island provide him with every thing a person could want—except for someone to talk to. Completely alone with his goats, his parrot, and his God, Crusoe’s perception of life and his place in the world change slowly and steadily … at least until the island he calls his own is disturbed by the arrival of hungry cannibals.

This Canon Classic is a three-century-old bestseller, a realistic adventure, and a handbook on deserted island survival all rolled into one. The Canon Classics series presents the most definitive works of Western literature in a colorful, well-crafted, and affordable way. Unlike many other thrift editions, our classics are printed on thicker text stock and feature individualized designs that prioritize readability by means of proper margins, leading, characters per line, font, trim size, etc. Each book’s materials and layout combine to make the classics a simple and striking addition to classrooms and homes, ideal for introducing the best of literary culture and human experience to the next generation.

This edition does not feature a worldview guide or introduction.

IMPRINT: Canon Classics

AUTHOR: Daniel Defoe

PAGE COUNT: 316 pages

SIZE: 5.5x8.5"

BINDING: Paperback

ISBN 10: 1-944503-11-0

ISBN-13: 978-1-944503-11-6

PUB. DATE: May 31, 2016 (first published in 1719)

Stay tuned for an all-new worldview guide specifically to help you understand, critique, or teach this classic as a Christian.