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Global bedtime fun for ninjas! Soon to be a Netflix original!

You don't need much for this coloring book to be a success: Just add imaginative kids and bright colors. The world of N.D. Wilson's much-loved board book Hello Ninja gets a major expansion in this creative coloring book from illustrator Forrest Dickison. Ninja, Dragon, and King Louis (the cat) explore savannas, swamps, and mountain ranges. They also tinker with strange inventions, discover new creatures (and ride them), escape from danger, and generally ninja it up all over the seven continents (and even on the moon). Contains forty all-new illustrations. They are black and white, single-sided, and appropriate for all pigments and coloring abilities.

Contains forty all-new illustrations. They're single-sided, black & white, and appropriate for all pigments and all coloring abilities.

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Watch the Trailer for the Upcoming Netflix Series Here:

Praise from Parents:

"Great (and hilarious) illustrations! I gave this to my 5-year-old nephew for his birthday, and he loved it - spent hours working on it right away." -Lisa

"This is perfect for any kiddo who loves the book!" -Michelle

Forrest Dickison is an artist, illustrator, and animator, and has partnered with N.D. Wilson for both Hello Ninja and Blah Blah Black Sheep. You can find some of his latest work on Instagram at @forrestdickison.

AUTHOR: Forrest Dickison

PAGE COUNT: 82 (40 single-sided illustrations)

SIZE: 8.25x8.25"

ISBN-10: 1-944503-81-1

ISBN-13: 978-1-944503-81-9

PUB. DATE: November 22, 2016