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Raise woke brave kids
with a woke good story.

Written by Ethan Nicolle.
Creative Director of The Babylon Bee.
Brave Ollie Possum is an illustrated adventure novel (380 pages, 200+ illustrations) where even possums can become brave.

So if you've got a kid afraid of the curtains at night or if you're bedridden at 52 afraid of the wokepocalypse, whatever your fears, this story is for you.
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What's it about?

Hear Ethan narrate the first chapters.

What People Are Saying

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"Brave Ollie Possum is fantastic. Overflowing with imagination and heart. Consistently surprising and really, really funny.

Brian Lynch

Screenwriter of Minions, Puss in Boots, and The Secret Life of Pets
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Brave Ollie Possum is just what youth lit needs today: an aspiring hero, a sense of humor and the kind of adventure that older readers will enjoy as much as the young!

Doug TenNapel

Author of Cardboard, the Nnewts series, Earthworm Jim, and Tommysaurus Rex
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Brave Ollie Possum is something special: a story that walks alongside children and all their faults, never talks down to them, and in the end affirms that love overcomes their deepest, darkest fears. At once deliciously zany and refreshingly honest, these pages spill over with adventure, danger, and laughter for kids and those of us who never grew up.

Kyle Mann

Editor of The Babylon Bee and author of How to Be a Perfect Christian
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It was perfect for our nighttime reading.

My 4 & 1/2 and 7 & 1/2 year old LOVED Brave Ollie Possum!...The story was so fun, my kids demanded at least 2 chapters per night. The creativity and comedic writing of Ethan Nicolle is so excellent, that I enjoyed reading it as much as my kids enjoyed listening to it!

David Swander

Not a woke Dad.
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Couldn't put it down

Fantastic book. Character instilling without being laborious. Full of delightful humor and enough plot twists to keep you engaged. I originally bought it for my nephew but ended up listening to it via audiobook and "couldn't put it down". The author is a wonderful reader. It feels more like a radio drama than your average audiobook.

Rebekah Galyean

Also not woke.
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I am 52 years old...bedridden...this helped me.

I am 52 years old and my normal reading reflects that, but life has been rough 2020, and I have aged far more physically and emotionally.

Brave Ollie was suggested by a friend as a distraction, a flight of whimsy, but it was a lot more. I loved the characters—over-the-top but relatable, humorous, magical . . . I am disabled, bedridden, and often very afraid - of pain, of, decline, of the future. This book helped me find comfort, smile, and perhaps be a bit braver. This book took me back to my youth and pain-free innocence. I can sing no higher praise than that.

G. L.

A man well-read at bedtime.
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Funny, Dark and Filled with Heart

That darkness really struck a cord with my daughter (12), who was pleased to read a story that was both slapstick-silly and emotionally deep at the same time.

About halfway through reading the book, my daughter had an accident that required a 9 hour emergency room visit (don't worry, she recovered fully) and during the long stay, she asked me to read to her from this book to take her mind off her injury and make her feel better. She said it helped a lot and made her laugh, which she really needed. In addition to appreciating how much she enjoyed the book, I enjoyed it quite a bit myself. Highly recommended.

Jim Hardison

Father of a brave girl
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Our whole family loved this story

When I described the plot of this book to another mom friend she said, “that’s terrifying!”

And I often thought that myself during our nightly family read alouds. Yet my three daughters, ages 5-9, never once complained of it being scary in the least. Our whole family loved this story despite the terrifying plot and bathroom humor. This story will hold a special place in our family for a long time. Great characters and genuinely unique story!


Mom, telling it like it is
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Strengthening our family bond

Truth be told, I've not been an avid reader to my children.

Now aged 9, 7, 5, and 2; (with exception of the youngest) they are insistent that it's not bedtime until we've read at least two chapters of Brave Ollie Possum.

I was a bit nervous to read this right before the kids went to bed...but so far we've not had any instances of 9, 7, or 5-year-olds bursting into our room in a shriek of terror...I'm so appreciative at the doors that Brave Ollie Possum has opened for strengthening our family bond through story time. Buy this book.

Austin Robertson

Father turned storytelling family man
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A Cartoon In Your Ears

Ethan has rocked this book. The story is a dark and whimsical fantasy that will capture you and draw you in. Honestly, I can’t believe that Ethan is reading for all the characters, each with their very individual and unique characteristics. If you want a good story that is going to keep you listening get this audiobook.

Cameron B.

A man of culture
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I am sometimes wary of audiobooks read by the author

This book is a whimsical, magical, hilarious, and heartfelt adventure. If you like Roald Dahl, you will LOVE "Brave Ollie Possum". Adults and kids alike will enjoy this wonderful book. Many laughs and smiles were had.

Regarding the audiobook specifically, I cannot say enough good things. The author delivers the perfect narration with wonderful and hilarious voices perfectly suited to each character. I am sometimes wary of audiobooks read by the author, since skill at writing does not necessarily translate into skill at narration, but that was definitely not an issue here. If Mr. Nicolle ever gives up writing, it seems he could have an equally successful career in voice acting.

TLDR; 10/10 Great story, perfect narrator. Cannot recommend highly enough for readers of any age.


Father, wary no more